Tuesday, February 26, 2008

skill contest 2007

salam to all

Tomorrow, my department will be organizing Skill Contest for senior operator. The competition is open to senior operator from Body, Paint and Assembly Shop. They will be tested on their work skill based by SOP and Tact Time? What the hell SOP? hehehe..standard operation procedure la..why am I telling you guys on this event..hehehe..i'll be the master of the ceremony of this event.. kinda nervous ...you know when we have to speak in the public..that's the time where the butterflies start to mingle around in your stomark.. i hope i can perform well tomorrow as this is one of my chance to proof my capability..wish me luck..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

piknik sesama keluarga di Chepor

Tuk ngan menantus and cucu..

hehehe..this is a very owesome gathering for the year. It's been a long time since we gathered the whole family. I feel happy plus sad..why? Happy coz everybody present..sad coz..it takes too long to gather like this...somehow, i just like to show my sons and their tok in the water coz i was not covering my hair at that time..so it would be improper for me to publish in this public area..

first day schooling

Salam to all..

heya..so glad to tell you guys about my Afiq who has started schooling..although it is already a month, but i just got the time to blog in about it. Hehehe..i am so excited eventhough he's only in kindergarten. *sigh*...dah tua aku nie...anak dah sekolah dah...

By the way, nama sekolah dia Starain Kindergarten..situated at Bayu Apartment, Damansara Damai. He go to school everyday by van..teringin juga nak hantar dia pi sekolah, tapi apakan daya..aku nie kul 6.45am dah kuar umah..takkan dia nak tercegat kat depan sekolah dia subuh2 sepiie tu kan....