Thursday, December 11, 2008

Aidiladha 1429

Salam to all
Last Monday, 8 December 2008 was Aidiladha. It was just a simple celebration. Mama cooked some rendang and gulai ayam to eat with nasi minyak, lemang and nasi impit. All my sisters were here except for my sister Nazura who is just went back to Kajang after her confinement. Well, pity her as she's all alone ( i mean without her sweet and good sisters around) while we all were here celebrating Aidiladha.
At night, after visiting my grandma, me and my sisters, Nyah and hubby and Diyana not forgetting my little princess Adriana went to Jusco's been a long time since i went there..hmm...bought nothing much except a pair of shoe and a suit for my Adriana. Hubby? Went back already as he has to go to Sabah and Sarawak for his staff lucky of him to get the chance to fly to sabah and sarawak..
After Jusco, guess where we went? hahaha..FUNFAIR...just in front of Jusco..

hey yoooooooooo

Salam kat semua

It's been 3 months (almost) since last update. Hehe..don't know what to write..actually, it's the matter of not having the internet access that make me so outdated. Well, at this moment i'm at my mama's house in Ipoh, enjoying my 1 week plant shutdown is not closing it's operation, it is just the regular maintenance that should be done..Hmm..being in Ipoh for this 6 days make me putting on my weight la..."sigh"..heheehe..see..blaming mama again for cooking nice dishes for her daughter.
Hmm..last Sunday, went to PC Fair in SJKC Yuk Choy in Ipoh and tada...i bought a new laptop...maybe after this, my blog will be update at least once in a week..enough la kan...
Tuesday, thought of going to "Vanggey", a maple in Ipoh but unfortunately it was closed. SO, we decided to go to the nearer mamak restaurant "Salam". Hmm..i guess this is the most "lembab" mamak restaurant i've ever been. It is located somewhere in Greentown Business Centre.
Monday? Will story later sebab that day kan raya haji..